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  • leisure - Wiktionary
    Displaced native Middle English lethe (“ leisure ”) (from Old English liþian "to unloose, release", compare Old English līþung "permission"), Middle English tom, toom "leisure" (from Old Norse tōm "leisure, ease", compare Old English tōm "free from")
  • leasure - Wiktionary
    Misspelling of leisure Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary
  • Leisure | Define Leisure at Dictionary. com
    free or unoccupied: leisure hours having leisure: the leisure class (of clothing) suitable to or adapted for wear during leisure; casual: a leisure jacket designed or intended for recreational use: leisure products like bowling balls and video games
  • leisure | Origin and meaning of leisure by Online . . .
    To do something at leisure "without haste, with deliberation" (late 14c ) preserves the older sense To do something at (one's) leisure "when one has time" is from mid-15c leisure (adj )
  • Leisure | Definition of Leisure by Merriam-Webster
    Under Handy’s leadership, San Antonio International Airport saw record passenger traffic last year and has aggressively added dozens of nonstop routes to destinations demanded by leisure and business travelers
  • leisure - Memidex dictionary thesaurus
    Leisure | free time time spent away from business, work, and domestic chores It also excludes time spent on necessary activities such as eating, sleeping and, where it's compulsory, education
  • leisure Meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary
    leisure definition: 1 the time when you are not working or doing other duties: 2 the time when you are free from work or other duties and can relax: 3 activities people do when they are not working, to relax and enjoy themselves:
  • leisure | Definition of leisure in English by Oxford . . .
    ‘Usually the leisure consists of snorkeling, night club jaunts and ample free time spent with other American youths ’ ‘This is true; but the leisure is something that must be paid for ’ ‘Contrary to the old predictions that new technology would usher in an age of leisure, they are working harder than ever ’

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